Sandhyavandanam includes Sankalpam and Japa sankalpa as parts of the said ritual. Kalpana and Vikalpa, the two words derived from Kalpa meaning doing or generating suggest mentation or intellection generally and imaginative creation specifically. The third derivative from the same root Kalpa is Sankalpa i. Sankalpa also means concept or idea; a concept is an idea. It is the determination or the will in the mind which precedes all actions.

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Therefore, the word Sankalpam means any good deed done in accordance to the Saashtra or Ved. The Sankalpam is like a resolution. Sankalpam is an intention in the sense of the prayer for the attainment of the Spiritual Purpose which benefits all. It is also believed that the whole universe is the result of Sankalpa of Narayana. In Hindu religion Practice, Sankalpam is made before any spiritual practice or prayer which acts as a declaration to self and to the God.

It is done to achieve the purpose of the practice. By taking a Sankalpam, the person or Sadhak becomes committed towards the accomplishment of the work. But only the Sankalpam is not sufficient to accomplish the task or practice.

Along with Sankalpam, a strong determination, dedication, discipline and the persuasion to accomplish the task is also required. Sankalpam is a vow, a commitment made following the Vedic rituals to accomplish a work. There are many examples of a strong Sankalpam in our Vedic Scriptures. In other words, we can state that Sankalpam is the will power that is accountable to change the circumstances to manifest in ones Inner and outer world. No Pooja, Prayer or Karma yields results without a Sankalpam.

The idea behind the Sankalpam is one should always keep in mind that Sankalpam will not result into intentionally or unintentionally harming someone. As the Upanishad Scriptures state: You are your deepest desire [Sankalpa]. As is your desire so is your intention. As is your intention so is your will. As is your will so is your deed. As is your deed so is your destiny. How the Sankalpam is performed? The sankalpam is performed by sitting in Padmasana.

After chanting the Sankalpam mantra, the flowers, rice and jal water are taken in the right hand and are dropped in the Arghya Patra. A Vedic Sankalpam has a significance meaning in its words.

The Vedic Sankalpam is completed with the divine blessings and sincere devotion. Om Bhuvaha.. Ogum Suvaha. Om Mahaha. Om Janaha.. Om Thapaha.. Jyothi rasaha.. Amrutham brahma Bhoorbuvasuvarom.

Kali Yuge, Pradhame Padhe. Name of the season among six seasons , Ritau, … Name of the month , … pakshe , Punya Thithou, … day VaasaraYukthaayaam.


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