Защитете от замръзване. При правилно съхранение, температура около 20 градуса и спазване на препоръките по-горе материала има срок на годност 9 месеца. Излагането на по- високи температури скъсява срока на годност. Трябва да се съблюдават и препоръките за съхранение от Листа с данни за безопасност. Технически данни Химична основа Еднокомпонентен, втвърдяващ от влагата полиуретан Плътност 1.

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After four days the surface has to be cleaned and primed with Sika Reactivation Primer Do not apply Sikalastic on substrates with rising moisture.

Sikalastic is not suitable for permanent water immersion or inverted roof structures. Vertical or steeply pitched surfaces may require an additional application to build required thickness.

On substrates likely to exhibit outgassing, ensure substrate is thoroughly dry and apply during falling ambient and substrate temperatures. If applied during rising temperatures pin holing may occur from rising vapour. In very severe case Sikalastic Concrete Primer may assist. Product must be used in conjunction with a safe system of work. Ensure an adequate assessment of all site risks has been conducted prior to work commencing. Refer to the product safety datasheet for further guidance.

Sikalastic may exhibit slight chalking at the surface do not use run off water for live fish tanks, etc. Material begins to react with air once opened. Tight fitting lids may also damage on opening.

It should be planned ideally to use all material in one use. Resealing for use at a later date is not possible. Opened unused material may thicken and gas if used later. Do not use Sikalastic for indoor applications. Do not apply close to the air intake vent of running air conditioning unit.

Turn off or isolate if necessary. The product can be overcoated with itself refer to the Overcoating section of this Product Data Sheet. Volatile bituminous materials may stain and or soften below the coating. Low melting point bituminous materials may need priming using a darker shade also helps hide any staining from the volatiles.


Bote Pintura impermeabilizante Sikalastic 612 Sika



SikaLastic 612


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