Exoteric: Will to act, setting of goal, power to become. Negative: Demonic influence, damage, deception, perishing, enemies. I know the third: if my need becomes great, for a chain to halt my foes; The edges I blunt leave no bite to their weapons nor staves! Esoteric: Idea of that which is given, of that which is evolving. Negative: Ill fortune, failure of words, negative suggestions, misuse of knowledge and wisdom.

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All forms of higher wisdom, all secret knowledge of the world, are but fragments, and through the course of time have been for the most part distorted and corrupted; but at one time it had its origin in the divine, Aryan magic of the Runes. Runes are not just letters or verbal symbols, but primal symbols of a living magical nature which whisper to us. It is these runes which, as Dr. Stephen E. I merely intend to give an objective point of view as to their potential worth and value as a magickal runic system as viewed from a practitioners use of them in our contemporary times.

In writing this article it is also not my intention, directly or indirectly, to take away from any other runic row which the readers may utilise. List was indeed a pioneer and a visionary. If you do, just be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions. I do not mean this. The path of the runes is a spiritual esoteric journey in which the final destination if indeed there is one, but I believe is more likely a gradually elevating, multi-layered, realisation of enlightenment and spiritual consciousness and one that we may never come to see to the highest level in our lifetime.

We are all subject to our own limitations, but equally it is only us that can strive to overcome them. There is no benefit in rushing and time and care should always be taken concerning the runes, to understand their exoteric and esoteric aspects. There is no end-game, only illumination. Although a few still today have this attitude, it is welcoming that the number is becoming fewer that still mock and scorn those that make use of this magickal system which I view as an ugly trait within a completely non-dogmatic spirituality and an attitude that should be removed from Germanic Neopaganism altogether — the absurdity of such a mind-set in all reality is rather self-evident.

Personally, I have always felt a far stronger and much more overwhelmingly deeper spiritual and occultic-magickal, mystical and esoteric connection within myself to the Armanen Futharkh.

One should look at all angles and from all possible roots, regardless of any particular area of study, without bias, prejudice, personal preference or preconceived ideas before one undertakes the task of study and practice upon themselves. This is the only way to get an unbiased, balanced and independent point of view.

That much is fact. I believe this because runic mysticism is a very personal matter and one that is central to our spirituality of Germanic Neopaganism using that term to differentiate ourselves from our ancestral equivalents and ones connection with whichever rune row one comes to use should truly come from within and be that which works for them. The Runes have their own lives, they are true magical signs, from which we can draw the Spirit to Advise and the Courage to Action. This is a fact.

It is also fact that all of these contributing factors have changed to some varying degree to suit modern day interpretation. The Armanen is the only runic row which numbers 18 in total. Who wrote the poems? How much are these poems influenced by Christianity? Or in fact, could they be outright disinformation? The same could also be said for the Armanen rune row of course.

However, you have to look at every aspect and all the facts in relation to each other. Indeed, on the other side of the coin, the names, meanings, interpretations and pronunciations of the runes today may very well be similar to those used by our ancestors all those years ago, but again it must be stressed that the simple fact is that we simply do not know.

One thing that must be said, as I stressed earlier and I truly hope that it is already practised , is that this information, as with any information on Germanicism, runosophy, runology, runic revivalist literature, runic rows, or indeed any subject matter at all, should be read and studied with an open, unbiased and equitable mind. I again say this because only with an open and unbiased mind, in conjunction with reading many different points of view, relating to all runic rows alongside your own instinctive preferences and personal usage and practice, and what you glean from them , can you make an intelligent and educated decision, and thus truly form and develop a balanced and intelligent personal outlook and opinion.

It can be safely said I feel, that all modern day works on runic revivalism and mysticism can, to some small degree at the very least, trace their derivation back to List. I can understand why there are those that find this rune row controversial, including its author even though the latter I believe to be predominantly an opinion through lack of independent and unbiased research but as I stated earlier, one should conduct their own study into these matters with an impartial mind.

A spirituality needs to work for a people, a folk, based on their circumstances and Zeitgeist. Our world is very different from that of our ancient ancestors. This is not to say that we shed and throw away the old and recreate the new, but our folk are an evolving and growing people and so too is our religion. Knowing this, would it not also make sense to make use of or at least give serious study time to a revived, relatively newly revealed and modern day rune row, one based on a time and environment far closer to our own today?

It may or it may not — but the option is there. Based on all that I have said previously, I do not believe that a rune row hidden in the mists of time is any more or less worthy of study than one that was revealed in modern times, especially based on the material we have of its original meanings.

Of course, anyone can create a runic row and declare it the primal, true and only row to work from. We should, by all rights, take advantage of this. For me, and many others, the Armanen Futharkh is that runic row. One of its advantages is this young age, having been developed in a world very similar to our own modern, urbanized, technological world. It is also a system that was developed and presented specifically for esoteric and magickal purposes.

The Armanen Futharkh possesses the added advantage of being the only system that possesses a complete body of lore from which the aspiring runenmeister may build.

There are, however, some disadvantages to this system. On the other hand, Armanentum is also very closely tied to Ariosophy, which is about as foreign to our triuwa as christianism! Armanentum employs a variety of techniques claiming to be derived from ancient Germanic sources, the authenticity of which are doubtful at best e. Another major concern among would-be runenmeisteren regarding the Armanen Futharkh is its alleged historical association with the Nazi movement in Germany.

While it is true that Armanentum influenced many proto-Nazi thinkers, the system does not promote any particular political view, nor was it widely used by any German National Socialist groups. The most infamous users of runes in wartime Germany were certain officers in the Schutzaffel SS. These individuals rarely, if ever, used the Armanen Futharkh; instead preferring the rune row developed by Karl Maria Wiligut, the promoter of Irmin-Christianity.

However, because a runic row is popular and influential, regardless of which one, does not make it the right row — this is a fatal misapprehension that unfortunately many of the unenlightened and gullible believe. It did not take much practice to recognize their superiority over all other attempts, including those of which their authors and promoters claim to be "elder".

It certainly is obvious that List was onto something when he had his "revelations", perhaps without ever fully realizing just how powerful his system can be. As Dr. Alfred Russel-Wallace says, science always opposes the discovery of new Truths, and it is wrong every time! So, to conclude — my intention was to give food for thought and in this I hope that I have succeeded.

I am not trying to convert anyone, but at the same time I hope to have helped answer a few concerns that anyone may have had regarding the Armanen Futharkh.

After all, it is just my take on the subject. Equally, what I am not intending to do, however and I trust it does not come across as such , is trying to seem righteous and patronising above all else to others and their opinions and the rows they use. It is my sincere wish that this article has helped to some small degree to understanding why so many make use of the Armanen rune row today and I simply want those that are interested and those that have passed them off as fake to hopefully take another look - if not a first look - and see that they are truly worthy of study and justly commendable of deliberation, contemplation, meditation and deep thought, which will hopefully lead to practical exploration and application — with real results.

I am optimistic that, again, what I have shown is that simply because a rune row is not steeped in the mists of time, so to speak, does not make it any less authentic and indeed powerful on the many levels of which mystery the runes conceal. Camp [12] Nothing is more legitimate and reasoned in regards to a revived and reconstructed spirituality and the esoteric mystical power of the runes than that which works best for you. No system is any better or less valid than any other, and this is essential to a non-dogmatic reawakening of our Native Faith.

Alaf Sal Fena! Alaf Sig Runa! Sal and Sig! Sig and Tyr! It was subsequently re-published elsewhere again under a different name in RE. Translated into the English language by Karl Hans Welz. Translated into the English language and introduced by Dr. For more about the basis of this, see GvLB no. Gross-Lichterfelde: P. See also Dr. Freiburg im Breisgau. Translated into the English language by W. Page The next generation was seen in Germany at the very beginning of to the 20th century, with the initiator and central figure being Guido von List.

During the rise of National-Socialism, and its subsequent taking of power, these men were strictly suppressed and a number imprisoned. The main runic mystic, and the one that was key to suppressing everyone else in favour of his own runic interpretations, worked for Heinrich Himmler within the SS — a man named Karl Maria Wiligut.

After the war and for many years even still today in Germany to some degree runic mysticism has been steeped in extreme controversy because of the appropriation of ancient symbology by the National-Socialists. For the English speaking world and information on the Uthark system, please see note 9. This work was originally published in by Llewellyn Publications.

Flowers and Dr. In the Henry Adams Bellows translation, Dover Publications, , the specific 18 stanzas are to with explanatory footnotes — original printing , and to in the Lee M.

Hollander translation, University of Texas Press , of which I refer to the reprint by the late E. Camp of the Knights of Runes.

Karlsson also comments on the growing interest in the Armanen system in this work — page Gross- Lichterfelde: P. Translated into the English language with an excellent introduction by Stephen E.

Translated into the English language with introduction by Stephen E. Originally published in by Llewellyn Publications. Translated into the English language with introductin by Stephen E. Translated into the English by Tommie Eriksson. Posted by Anonymous at.


Armanen runes

But also the most misunderstood because of the proliferation of false and misleading claims by outsiders to the tradition, claiming that it is either "at best a modern fabrication" or "at worst a thin mystical veneer for fanatical far-right political groups and activities". Neither claim is, in reality, anything more than a shallow prejudice. The 18 Armanen Futharkh runes. Far from being a modern invention of Guido von List, people familiar with the "Elder" and "Younger" Futhark systems will recognize nearly every rune in this table.


Runas armanen

It is the breath of the world, its voice. It also signifies the strength that a person needs to rise up in power. It also stands for cynical events and rescue from an enemy. However, more modern versions of this rune say that it stands for power, generation, ability and artfulness.


Armanen Runes – Rune Meanings

Overview[ edit ] Ideology regarding the Aryan race in the sense of Indo-Europeans , runic symbols, the swastika , and sometimes occultism are important elements in Ariosophy. These Ariosophic ideas together with, and influenced by, Theosophy contributed significantly to an occult counterculture in Germany and Austria. For the debate on the direct relations to Nazi ideology see Religious aspects of Nazism. Goodrick-Clarke — examines what evidence there is for influences on Hitler and on other Nazis, but he concludes that "Ariosophy is a symptom rather than an influence in the way that it anticipated Nazism". In a less broad approach one could also treat rune occultism separately. Goodrick-Clarke therefore refers to the doctrine of Kummer and Gorsleben and his followers as rune occultism, a description which also fits the eclectic work of Karl Spiesberger.

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